Affordable Short Term Health Plans

What is a short-term health insurance plan like exactly?

A Short-term health insurance in Texas gives you the opportunity to choose a major medical health plan with an excellent nationwide PPO network for a term as short as 1 month up to 12 months.

A short-term health plan in Texas is ideal for the following situations.

  1. Recent college graduates in Texas waiting to secure full time employment with group benefits
  2. Laid off workers who can’t afford COBRA waiting to secure full time employment with company benefits
  3. Sole Proprietors who want a PPO Network that aren’t eligible for a group health insurance plan.
  4. Healthy individuals & families that don’t like Obamacare HMO plans and want access to a PPO network in Texas and nationwide.
  5. Divorced individuals that need to cut costs and only require a “catastrophic type” medical policy.
  6. Individuals in Texas that travel nationwide for business or pleasure and want access to a nationwide PPO network of doctors and hospitals should they require medical treatment while on the road.
  7. People that missed open enrollment and don’t want to wait another year before securing medical coverage in Texas for their family.

Affordable Short Term Health Insurance

What are the pros and cons of a short-term medical plan?

  1. Can see any doctor in the network, no referral required to see a specialist
  2. Large network of doctors in Texas and nationwide available
  3. Requires medical underwriting, but if you are healthy, you save significantly on monthly costs
  4. Generally accepted by more doctors and hospitals than HMO network plans
  5. Save significantly on monthly costs due to the medical underwriting questionnaire
  6. Quick enrollment process which can be done on the phone in 10 to 15 minutes
  7. Quick issue with most policies that are approved being issued in 24 to 48 hours
  8. No open enrollment requirements, so you can apply for health insurance when you want to not when the government tells you to enroll.
  9. No long-term commitments. Can cancel at any time
  10. Preferred underwriting discounts for “extra healthy” individuals and families (ask about details)
  11. Bundled discounts when you purchase dental, and vision plans along with your medical plan
  12. When should I pass on a short-term plan for me or my family? When you have serious pre-existing conditions. Also, when you take expensive medications since these won’t be covered on the plan.

In summary a short-term medical plan in Texas can be a great value for you and your family when you seldom use your health insurance policy and are primarily looking for “major medical protection” and don’t mind giving up some basic benefits so you can save big on your monthly costs.

Once you decide to go forward with a short-term medical plan to help your family take ownership of your monthly health insurance premiums and reduce your cost you may want to consider adding a “Gap Type” policy to your short-term medical to increase your benefits

A gap type policy is a supplemental plan such as an accident/sickness, cancer or critical illness (cancer, heart attack stroke) that will supplemental medical benefits that your regular medical plan doesn’t cover.

Listed below are some direct benefits of a “Gap plan”

  1. Provides additional benefits directly to you that your ACA (Obamacare) or short-term medical plan may not cover
  2. Can be purchased in increments of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 (or more)
  3. Will work with any medical plan since the payments come directly to you and not a hospital or physician.
  4. Can be purchased at any time during the year and not only during open enrollment
  5. Provides another layer of financial protection to your family if your major medical plan comes up short
  6. Enrollment can be completed as quickly as 10 to 15 minutes (to see if you qualify)
  7. Approvals and activations of benefits can be achieved in 24 to 48 hours
  8. No long term commitments since Gap Plans can be cancelled at anytime.