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What is small group health insurance exactly? Small group health insurance is for businesses with as few as 2 employees (including husband and wife companies) up to 50 employees who need quality health insurance for their small business. Texas Health Now PLLC, specializes in small group health insurance and can help you start the process today. If your company has more than 50 employees, Texas Health Now PLLC together with a strategic partner can also assist with your health insurance and payroll needs.

What types of small group health Insurance do you offer?

  1. Fully InsuredWe offer fully insured group plans with several of the top health insurance carriers in Texas. These plans require no medical underwriting and have the option of both PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), and HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) networks. Employers and their employees can qualify with no health history questions. The difference in a PPO and HMO is that the PPO does not require a Primary Care Doctor to provide a referral to see a specialist. It also has in and out of network benefits. With an HMO all specialist visits require prior approval (referral) from your primary care physician. In addition, HMO policies have no out of network benefits.

  2. Self-Funded - We offer self-funded group plans with several of the top insurance companies in Texas. With this type of policy, you must go through full medical underwriting for yourself and your employees before the policy is issued. This means you will have to answer health history questions. You may ask, why you would choose this option when you can select the fully insured option and not answer health questions to qualify. If you have a” healthy group” of employees without significant major medical issues, then by choosing the self-funded option you can potentially save significantly on your monthly premiums.

  3. PEO/Outsourcing - PEO stands for Professional Employment Organization. If you want to use an outside source to handle your benefits (health insurance and payroll), without the challenges of using separate benefit and payroll firms, we can assist along with one of our PEO partners to help you with this solution and save time so you can focus on what you do best…which is running your business. By using a PEO company they help you avoid having to keep up with all the current COBRA, HR benefits and payroll compliance regulations by performing these responsibilities on your behalf.

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Eight important reason to offer small group health insurance for your employees.

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  1. Employee Satisfaction - Employees need to protect their families from medical issues during these uncertain times. As their employer they rely on you to remove this concern from their minds.

  2. Employee Retention - When employers offer a good health plan with excellent benefits, they tend to retain their employees longer.

  3. Recruiting Tool for New Employees - When employers offer a quality health insurance plan, they are better able to recruit and retain the right talent to grow their business and be more profitable. Most job candidates want to know about health insurance benefits before accepting a new job.

  4. Better Plans for Small Group through a PPO Network - One of the unfortunate things that came out of the health reform bill of 2010 is that access to the best doctors and medical facilities was limited to the plans network. The “best of the best” doctors were often only available through group network PPO plans. Small group health insurance plans allow employers to offer a PPO plan, whereas individual plan typically do not.

  5. Better Coverage for Prescriptions in Small Group Plans - If you have employees who take expensive medications, they will benefit from small group health insurance. These plans don’t typically have a deductible that must be met. Instead, employees will have a co-pay for their medications beginning on day one. This can potentially save them money on their prescription costs.

  6. PPO Networks - When you enroll in a PPO small group insurance policy, you provide your employees with both “in network” and “out of network” benefits. This means employees can still see their doctor, even if he is out of network once they have met their out of network deductible.

  7. Better coverage for Employees who Travel - One of the advantages of enrolling in a small group health policy that offers a Nationwide PPO network (or reciprocal arrangement) is that employees have access to coverage in other states. What this means to you and your staff is that if they get sick while traveling nationwide for business, they can go see a doctor in their PPO network.

  8. No Referrals Necessary to see Specialist (Small Group PPO plan) - If you offer your employees a small group policy with a PPO network, they can see a specialist without a referral. A bonus to you as the employer, is that they don’t have to take additional time off from work simply to see their doctor for a referral.


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Small Group Needs Analysis - Click on the button below to download and complete our Small Group Needs Analysis Form. This information will help us determine which type of group health insurance is best for your company.

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Employee Census - Click on the button below to download the Employee Census form. Only list the employee and dependent’s who wish to have small group health coverage. If employee does not want coverage just list waive by name.

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