Avrohom Zuckerman ***** (google)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Bob is personable, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and really works to make sure he understands what you need. He will spend the time to make sure that you have what you need and are getting a good rate. Thank you, Bob!

Jason Peoples ***** (google)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Trustworthy, helpful, and available

Lisa A ***** (google)

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Bob and Marina make a fantastic team!

Bob's had been my agent for years. He's always on top of the crazy insurance changes & provides me great alternatives to the expensive healthcare plans offer by the government.

Marina is a gem. She knows Medicare & supplementals! She was able to get my mother's supplemental insurance & prescription premiums reduced. She's thorough & always has her customer's best interest in mind.

Steven Roll ***** (google)

Bob Jabour has been supporting my wife and me with our personal health insurance needs for many years, and has always been friendly, patient and professional. Medical insurance is expensive and can be confusing; Bob helps us every year sort through the options, costs, coverages, etc and land on a best-fit decision for us. We are grateful to have this relationship based on trust, support, patience, and professionalism. Highly recommended!

Jenny Arntson ***** (google)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Bob is always so helpful and kind every time I call. He answers all my questions, and I will continue to trust him for our family's insurance needs. Highly recommend!

Kalpesh Garg ***** (google)

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Bob is great. I was all confused as to which insurance plan would be best for me and my family and at the same time affordable too. Bob guided me through the whole process and got me excellent coverage.

kellie kauten ***** (google)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We have been working with Bob for years. Most insurance people ignore you after you sign a policy. Bob doesn't! He calls us with updates and keeps us informed of changes in the industry and offerings. He has a wide range of offerings for both person and business. He is also a great resource when we have a random question. He listens to our concerns and makes suggestions. We really like that he truly cares about finding the right policy for our needs. Every time we talk he asks us how we've used the policy and our experience... making sure it works correctly for us. We wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you!!

Blou Baker ***** (google)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Bob has been my agent for years - he has always patiently answered any questions I have and has always replied in a timely manner. He helps me consider different scenarios and has educated me in matters pertaining to the health care insurance field. I highly recommend him!

Sonja Wihksne *****

I cannot say enough positive things about the help I received from the team of Bob Jabour and Marina Sakran in finding a health insurance plan. They listened to my financial and health concerns and found a plan that was affordable and helpful. I'm so glad I had that plan, as I unexpectedly ended up at the ER in the middle of the year. In addition, toward the latter half of the year, Marina provided additional help in reducing my monthly payment when that was offered by the market.

Marina again helped me select a plan for 2022 and carefully listened to my finances and health concerns as they had changed. She offered several options and alternatives from several insurance companies as well as the pros and cons of each plan. I am so grateful I have used this team to help me muddle through the confusing and overwhelming number of plans and information out there.

Rosana Shekman ***** (google)

I cannot thank Bob Jabour enough for his outstanding professional skills and willingness to assist me and my husband. He answered all questions and explained everything as we went along.I am thankful that Bob was referred to us and will recommend his service to others.

Eric Neal ***** (google)

Bob was a very quick and responsive agent who was very helpful. My family and I moved back to Texas and needed some gap insurance while waiting the 90 days probation period. We were under the gun because our son would soon be born and he came through with affordable, legal options for us .I'd highly recommend him!

Deb H ***** (google)

Bob is unfailingly knowledgeable, gracious, and helpful. His knowledge of insurance is encyclopedic, yet he is far easier to use as a resource-- and is so patient with myriad questions and concerns. What a blessing to have him available instead of trying to figure out insurance by myself.

Jeffrey Cook ***** (google)

Bob was extremely helpful in helping us obtain temporary coverage. His expertise and knowledge in his field made it easy for us to understand our best option. He has our best interest at heart. We highly recommend Bob for your insurance needs!

Theresa Pierron ***** (google)

Expert guidance, coupled with knowledge and friendly demeanor makes working with Bob Jabour a pleasure!

'Aarti Raghu' ***** (google)

I’m a physician and despite my background I have a hard time navigating insurance options. Bob has been a pleasure to work with and has guided our family to the best insurance options for us. He is always available to answer questions and has come up with out of the box solutions to insurance problems. Stellar customer service! Thank you Bob

Jong Kim ***** (google)

Bob is the best insurance agent I have ever worked with! He assisted us every step of the way and followed through on getting our policies finalized. Being a medical professional, I greatly appreciated his knowledge of health insurance plans. I will never work with anyone else again. He is the best in the business!

Brian Syphard ***** (google)

Bob made deciding on a right health plan for me very easy and convenient. I tried the marketplace for the past month and got absolutely nowhere. I one afternoon Bob gave me more information so I could pick the best option. He even took time to personally sign me up and find a doctor. I would HIGHLY recommend Bob for any insurance need. I would give him more stars if I could....thank you, Bob!

Ravi Verma ***** (google)

I am so thankful that I was referred to Bob by one of my good friends who had worked with Bob recently. As an entrepreneur, I know how hard it is to find honest, ethical, trustworthy experts who can take care of the administrative aspects of business.

Bob has been a blessing for our company. He patiently worked with us to understand our unique healthcare needs, tirelessly researched options from different healthcare providers, explained the options and implications to us in plain English and worked overtime to help us get our coverage.

I would highly recommend Bob to any entrepreneur or individual looking for a trusted partner who can help them navigate the complexities of healthcare coverage and find the best package for their company and families.

Nancy LaChapelle ***** (google)

I had the pleasure of working with Bob Jabour recently while trying to navigate the very confusing health care insurance world. His attention to detail and understanding of my personal health care needs was exemplary. I am particularly impressed with his calm and relaxed demeanor and the amount of time spent with me in order to achieve this understanding.

Specifically, I am in between jobs right now and he knew to offer me a short-term care policy in the event that later an employer may offer me benefits. He is excellent in this business, and I will recommend him whenever the opportunity arises.

Bassem Ammouri ***** (google)

Bob was incredibly helpful when I was between jobs. I needed short term coverage after my previous employer's coverage ended, before my new job's coverage kicked in. Thanks Bob!

Kissee Home Inspections ***** (google)

Bob is not your ordinary insurance agent. this guy KNOWS his stuff, offers solutions (without you having to figure out questions) and has saved us $$! Because of Bob's advice about purchasing a supplemental policy. when my husband had knee surgery, we received $8000 without a hassle! that would have been paid out of pocket otherwise. Did i mention he has great sense of humor, takes the time with you. making you feel like his VIP client. Thanks Bob!

Maria Mirzadeh ***** (google)

I found Bob very helpful and informative, regarding the different options that had for getting medical insurance for my daughter, making the process a bit harder I am in California and my daughter in Texas, it was very easy for me to find him on the Internet, and for him to help me with all my questions, making everything run smoothly.

Lindsey Suelflow ***** (google)

I was in dire need of a new small group policy for myself and employees after my current insurance carrier pulled out of Texas. I called Bob and told him I needed to have new group insurance in place, and I needed it within a few weeks because I had procrastinated. Bob not only got us insured almost immediately but for the same premiums we were paying previously he hooked us up with a new carrier with much better coverage, lower deductibles, and lower maximum out of pocket.

That's service folks! I've dealt with several insurance agents over the years and hands down Bob provided us with the best service and product. Take my advice, call him up. You won't be disappointed.

Jamie Lord ***** (google)

I have used Bob Jabour since 2003 when my husband and I first got married. He has been wonderful and has helped us through insurance change and a growing family. Always helpful and very knowledgeable.

David Boles ***** (google)

Bob Jabour has been my family's and our friend’s agent since moving to the DFW area in 2008. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to him and gladly refer him to others when asked . My wife and I both have extensive insurance backgrounds and yet felt overwhelmed with the challenges that today's insurance marketplace presents to an individual.

Bob has handled our health and life insurance programs professionally and ably and is always available to answer our questions or concerns. if you are needing his services, he will help you navigate through the complex world of the ACA and other programs that the consumer is faced with. I don't know how an individual could deal with all the changes that are imposed on the insurance industry constantly. Get Bob on your side and let him do it for you !

Tamara McCain ***** (google)

I have been using Bob for over 5 years for my health insurance needs. He does an excellent job and is always on top of explaining the ongoing changes in the marketplace.

Tamara Plano - TX

Lynn Malson ***** (google)

Bob Jabour is one of the top health and life insurance agents in Dallas, Texas. I live in Carrollton, Texas and Bob's office in Plano is convenient to my home. Bob Jabour represents all the major insurance companies and makes choosing a health plan a pleasant experience.

Bob has expertise with "Obamacare" health insurance plans and helped me qualify for a significant government subsidy. I have referred numerous friends of mine to Bob, and each was very satisfied with the professional service he provided.

If you live in Addison, Carrollton, Plano or North Dallas and need a reliable health insurance agent then you definitely need to give Bob a call or schedule an appointment soon.

Gregg Smith ***** (google)

Bob helped me determine the best health insurance option for my family. I found him to be knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Best of all he made it clear that the decision should be mine, not his. I heartily recommend Bob.

Michelle W ***** (google)

I was under pressure to find insurance for my husband and 4 kids as my work decided to no longer provide this extended coverage. Working with Bob Jabour was fairly simple. I told him what I needed, and he provided the options. Bob's response time was almost immediate when I had any questions. Working with Bob made finding health coverage for my family much simpler and my worries are gone.

Bob was a very quick and responsive agent who was very helpful. My family and I moved back to Texas and needed some gap insurance while waiting the 91 days probation period. We were under the gun because our son would soon be born and he came through with affordable, legal options for us .I'd highly recommend him!